Burstcoin Node with DynDNS…..FYI Don’t!

At the beginning of the year I set up a dedicated Brustcoin node to help grow the community grow. When you configure the node you have the option to add a DNS name so when you’re looking at it on one of the public node explorers it’s easier to find. If you don’t have a DNS name configured in the node properties then software will use your public ip address. I found out the hard way if you’re using DynDNS don’t use a DNS record with a Burstcoin Node.

I created a external DNS name and routed it through my DynDNS account. In the beginning everything was fine, but then Burstcoin’s popularity grew over Q1 of this year.

In the picture you can the 166% usage from April. Unfortunately by the time i got to writing this warning the overage from March fell off the screen clip. Either way after all of the overages from the Burstcoin node in Q1, DynDNS slapped me with $150 in overage fees. Keep in mind this is $150 in overage fees for a service that normally costs $60 a year.

Of course, Oracle suggests that I upgrade to the next tier of there service to avoid this issue in the future which pricing starts at $150 a month 😉

Live and Learn I guess.