Follow Up to My ZenCash Secure Node Fun

After evaluating hardware mining and the costs involved I decided to transfer the 1.25 out of the full node and shut it down. Granted I would love to build a new mining machine and start mining a bunch of coins but, personally this spring i want to put a deck on my house more. So now the question is how to do it?

When you search online you’ll find a bunch of results with zen-cli commands similar to this.

zen-cli z_sendmany “fromaddress” “[\{\”amount\”: 1, \”address\”: \”toaddress\”\}]

I tried as many different syntax options with the “”s and \\s and kept getting JSON errors. After 45 minutes I gave up and took the suggestion of exporting the zaddress private key and importing it into my wallet.

That worked on the first try with the following syntax.

zen-cli z_exportkey “z address”

The output will be the private key that you can import into your existing wallet. When you do this, your wallet has to rescan the blockchain so have your wallet up to date first. The whole process to import the key into my wallet took about 10 minutes to complete and during the import process you can’t use the wallet to do anything else.


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