How To Configure a Office 365 Shared Mailbox


Efficient collaboration and streamlined communication are essential for modern workplaces, and Office 365 offers a powerful solution to achieve just that. One invaluable feature that can enhance your team’s productivity is the creation of shared mailboxes. Office 365 Shared mailboxes allow multiple users to access and manage a common email account, making it perfect for teams, departments, or projects that require seamless coordination and a single point of contact. In this guide, we will walk you through the straightforward steps to create an Office 365 shared mailbox, empowering your organization to work together more effectively and efficiently. Let’s get started on harnessing the full potential of shared mailboxes in Office 365!

Now lets go configure one.

Shared Mailbox Configuration YouTube Video

If you want to watch the video go for it, otherwise the step are outline below.

Shared Mailbox Configuration Procedure

Get to the Exchange Online Admin portal and log in with an account that has exchange administrator role.

The 2 ways to get to the exchange Online Portal are:

Once in the Exchange Online Admin Center go to Recipients > Shared.

Shared Mailboxes

Click the + To create a new Shared Mailbox.

New Mailbox Properties

First Configure a Display Name, this is the friendly name that shows up with sending email from the mailbox or when you add it to your outlook profile.

secondly add an email address to the shared mailbox. If you need to add more you can after the mailbox is created.

Lastly specify which users can access this mailbox.

Then click Save to create the mailbox.

*Fair warning* normally when everything this is working perfectly with Office 365 then it will take a solid 5 minutes for new items to actually be available. Sometime this will error and take longer.

Advanced Shared Mailboxes Settings

After the Mailbox is created you can click the pencil icon to edit the mailbox

General Page

On the General Page you get the general information about the shared mailbox.

Mailbox Delegations

On the Mailbox Delegation page you can add or remove access to the shared mailbox.

Mailbox Usage Tab

On the Mailbox Usage tab you can see how much space is being used.

Email Addresses

On the Email Address page you can add or remove SMTP addresses as need on the office 365 shared mailbox.

Lastly in the event you need to convert a shared mailbox to a regular mailbox or the other way around. the option is on the right side of the shared mailbox screen.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve unlocked a valuable tool for improving collaboration and communication within your organization. Office 365 shared mailboxes simplify the management of common email accounts, ensuring that your team can work cohesively and respond to inquiries promptly. As you explore more of Office 365’s features, you’ll discover even more ways to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. Embrace the power of shared mailboxes, and watch as your team’s efficiency soars, ultimately leading to better outcomes for your projects and your organization as a whole. If you found this guide helpful, keep exploring the Office 365 ecosystem to uncover more tools that can transform the way you work. Cheers to a more connected and productive workplace!