What is Microsoft’s New Product? Microsoft Lists

Last week Microsoft released Microsoft Lists to New and existing Office 365/Microsoft 365 business customers. What is this new product from Microsoft?

Video Review Microsoft Lists

Calling Microsoft Lists a new product isn’t exactly right it’s more of a re branding or a new feature to the tried and true SharePoint Lists. Microsoft Lists are currently only available through Microsoft Teams. What Microsoft has done is that created preconfigured popular templates and formatting options to make SharePoint Lists easier to use within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Lists SharePoint Teams … The Current Rollout

Currently, Microsoft Lists is only available through the Teams App. This is because the Microsoft List is a SharePoint List that is stored in the underlying Microsoft Teams Team SharePoint Site. A list is a Tab in within a Microsoft Teams Team channel.

Add Microsoft Lists List

After you add the Lists Tab you select a Template to deploy.
( Microsoft Lists SharePoint Teams whose knows…)

Microsoft Lists Templates

You can create and modify a template from the 11 available options or you can convert an existing list or import from excel. By clicking on a template you can see a preview of the template.

Template Preview

If you choose the wrong template you can select a different one from the left side. When you find the correct one, click on Use Template to give it a name.

List Name

Click on Create to finish the deployment.

After the template is deployed you can customize the columns by editing the properties of the individual columns.


On the plus side, since Microsoft Lists, is really just a SharePoint list all automation and notifications options through PowerAutomate are available and ready to go. Furthermore, for the same reasons you can make Power BI reports/Dashboards from the Microsoft Lists as well.

The Microsoft Lists Templates have some of the SharePoint JSON formatting preconfigured. So you don’t need to be a JSON expert to color code an list.


As of Today (9/8/2020) The new Microsoft Lists features have to be created in Microsoft Teams. If you go to the underlying SharePoint Site for the Microsoft Teams Team, and create a new list. You will be presented with the traditional list creation wizard.

If you create the Microsoft List in Teams first, then go to SharePoint Online then you’ll be able to use the new templates in a web browsers.


When in doubt Use Teams first. Microsoft is pushing it’s collaboration platform as the first/primary entry point for all new Microsoft Services. Microsoft Lists really isn’t a new product, it’s new functionality and entry point to an existing product that makes it easier to use.