Enabling Out of Band Management on HP Procurve Switches


Here is another TD Sheridan Quick Tip. A lot of switch vendors these days are shipping dedicated management ports. The main advantage of this port in my opinion is that it allows you to easily manage switches that have a dedicated function, like a dedicated iSCSI or security camera switch. With a dedicated management port it allows you add a little bit of configuration to a switch without having to worry about VLANs, Routing, or Trunking just to manage it.

Update: this will work in HPE Aruba Switches as well.


Here is how to enable the Out of Band Management Port on a HP Procurve Switch.

Switch> enable
Switch# oobm enable
Switch# oobm ip address
Switch# oobm ip default-gateway

I hope this Quick Tip helps.

Why Out of Band Management Port?

Enabling the dedicated out of band management port on an HPE ProCurve or Aruba network switch offers several key benefits:

  1. Network Security: By using a separate management port, you isolate the management traffic from the user data traffic. This enhances security as management traffic can be handled on a completely different network segment, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  2. Performance Optimization: With management traffic segregated, there’s less congestion on the primary data paths. This ensures that management traffic does not compete with user data traffic, leading to optimized performance for both management tasks and regular network operations.
  3. Stability and Reliability: A dedicated management port can contribute to a more stable and reliable network. Management tasks, such as configuration updates or monitoring, do not impact the throughput of the user data network, ensuring consistent network performance.
  4. Easier Network Management: It simplifies network management by providing a clear, dedicated path for administrative tasks. This can be especially beneficial in complex network environments where tracking and managing traffic can be challenging.
  5. Remote Access and Troubleshooting: In case of issues with the regular network traffic, the dedicated management port often remains accessible. This allows for remote troubleshooting and management even in situations where the main traffic paths are compromised.


In summary, enabling a dedicated management port on an HPE ProCurve or Aruba switch enhances network security, performance, stability, and manageability, while also providing a reliable means for remote access and troubleshooting.