TDSheridan Lab Home Network Setup has Started!


Hello Everyone! Exciting news from TDSheridan Lab – we’re thrilled to announce the launch of TDSheridan Lab version 2, marking a new era in our home network setup. Recently, my wife and I moved into our new residence, we’re launching TDSheridan Lab Home Network Setup, a robust internet connection was top on our list.


Dedicated Home Networking Space

In the featured image, you’ll see the heart of our network: an Arris Surfboard 6141 modem, powering our MediaCom connection with impressive speeds of 150mbps download and 20mbps upload. This modem seamlessly connects to a Watchguard T30-W firewall, a bastion of our network’s security. We’ve opted out of the firewall’s wireless feature, as two Aruba IAP-325 access points (soon to arrive) will be handling our home’s Wi-Fi coverage.

The networking prowess doesn’t stop there. A Cisco SG300-20 switch, known for its Layer 3 capabilities and Cisco iOS-like CLI, ensures efficient network management. And safeguarding all this technology is the reliable Cyberpower OR500LCDRM1U.

Temporarily, four cables link to my Plex server – a must-have for unwinding with some entertainment after a long day of unpacking.

However, not everything was up to par. The patch panel installation by Phase Electric, courtesy of Pulte Home’s contractor, leaves room for improvement, especially in cable management. Rest assured, I plan to tackle this to achieve a neater, more efficient setup.


There’s still unpacking to do, and soon, I’ll be transporting the rest of my servers from my office. Stay tuned for a series of tutorials on TDSheridan Lab Home Network Setup. Where I’ll share insights and tips on setting up and managing a sophisticated home network. The journey of TDSheridan Lab version 2 is just beginning, and we can’t wait to share it with you!”