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Hello Everyone!

I actively seek out anything that will make my life easier. It doesn’t matter if it’s systems administration, media organization, or paying bills. If it give me more free time them count me in. While working on a different project I was checking out the App Store on a MacBook Pro and found Blogo.

I had the idea to start TDSheridanLab for a long time. But I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to write about. The part I did know was that with the HomeLab I built I could easily host a website. When reading HomeLab based posts or forum questions almost everyone includes a web server for something. Blogo is perfect for writing posts in WordPress.

Blogo is a distraction free writing application for Mac OS X. Personally I wish this program was available for Windows. Blogo supports WordPress based sites and Blogger. Everything that is available in the Web Gui of either platform is available in a single right click. Blogo supports multiple blogs/sites at the same time, all you have to do is select the Blog and then select New Post/Page. The program itself is simple and straight to the point.

The only part that I don’t like about the program is that Blogo only tracks the posts you write in it. So if you bounce between devices the posts written on other devices won’t be in Blogo. But the other side is if all you do is write from one device then everything is in one spot. If you use evernote, Blogo syncs with evernote so any ideas or rough drafts can automatically imported into Blogo.

There is one catch to the program, it normally costs $29.99. Which in my opinion is a small price to pay. But for right now it’s on-sale in the App Store for $19.99. If you want to try it before you buy it you can download a 30 day trial from their website, just click the link below.

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