HomeLab Software QuickTip: Plex

So you built your HomeLab and the server has a ton of extra storage available. What are you going to do? Install Plex and stream your media through out your house or even over the internet of course. If you haven’t heard of Plex, Plex is one the best media streaming software platforms available. Plex can be installed on almost any operating system including directly on NAS devices.

Top Gear In Plex
Top Gear In Plex

Plex can transcode media on the fly so you don’t have to worry about which formats your Roku, Xbox, Playstation, AppleTV, etc supports it will detect the device and transcode the media to the optimal format for that device. There is an exponentially long list of features for Plex that to customize your experience. The complete list of features can be found below.

Plex Features

Besides the obvious music and video streaming Plex also supports streaming your pictures. Which is a great way to share photos with family members without having to figure out who uses which cloud based service.

Plex Photo Sharing
Plex Photo Sharing

Plex it’s self is free but if you want to be able to stream your content to you cell phone or share your media with your friends you’ll have to be a PlexPass subscriber. The subscription can be billed monthly, yearly, or a one time lifetime payment.

I highly recommend Plex it’s the only software that I’ve used for streaming my media collection that has always just worked. Every update releases new functionality without breaking something else within the program.

Check out Plex for yourself!

If you have questions about Plex or other HomeLab software leave it in the comments.